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The Refurbished Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7260 color copier can prints at 60 page per minute gives high-speed, high-volume performance, greater user satisfaction with excellent print quality

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    Refurbished Canon imageRUNNER C7260 Color Copier
    The Canon Refurbished mageRUNNER ADVANCE C7260 color copier can prints at 70 page per minute gives high-speed, high-volume performance, greater user satisfaction with excellent print quality. Individual processes are seamlessly integrated for greater productivity and new levels of output. Canon Refurbished C7260 is an advanced copier in its class.
    The imageRUNNER ADVANCE Refurbished C7260 Series drives high-speed, high-volume performance, greater user satisfaction, and eye-catching quality. Individual processes are seamlessly integrated for greater efficiency and new levels of productivity. From every point of view, these models are simply advanced.

    Refurbished imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7260

    Ships standard with 2 x 1,100-Sheet Paper Drawers, 2 x 550-sheet Paper Cassettes, Tab Feeding Attachment Kit, UFRII Printing, Color Universal Send with PDF High Compression, Searchable

    PDF/XPS, OOXML (Scan to Word and PPT), Access Management System, HDD Data Erase, IP Sec, Single Pass Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder, Color Image Reader, Ethernet 1000Base-T/

    100Base-TX/10Base-T, USB 2.0 High Speed Connectivity, Color

    Refurbished imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7260

    SYSTEM TYPEColor Digital Multifunction Imaging System
    FUNCTIONSStandard: Copy, Print (UFR II), Scan, Send, Store
    Optional: Print (PCL 5c/6, Adobe® PostScript® 3<sup>™</sup>), Fax (Up to 4 Lines)
    OPERATION PANELStandard: 8.4" SVGA Full-Color, TFT Screen
    Optional: 10.4" SVGA Full-Color, TFT Upright Screen
    MEMORYStandard: 2GB RAM
    Maximum: 2.5GB RAM
    HARD DISK DRIVEStandard: 160GB
    Maximum: 1TB
    MIRRORING HARD DISK DRIVEOptional (160GB, 1TB), Method: RAID1
    NETWORK INTERFACE CONNECTIONStandard: 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T
    Optional: Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.1x via third-party adapter)
    OTHER INTERFACEStandard: USB 2.0 (Host) x2, USB 2.0 (Device)
    Optional: Device Port [USB 2.0 (Host) x2], Serial Interface, Copy Control Interface
    COPY / PRINT SPEED (BW/COLOR)Letter: Up to 60/50 ppm
    Legal: Up to 41/35 ppm
    11" x 17": Up to 35/30 ppm
    FIRST-COPY-OUT-TIME (LETTER)BW: 4.9 Seconds or Less
    Color: 6.6 Seconds or Less
    PAPER SOURCES (20LB BOND)Standard: Dual 1,100-sheet Paper Drawers, Dual 550-sheet Paper Cassettes, 100-sheet Stack Bypass
    Optional: 3,500-sheet Paper Deck Unit or 3,500-sheet POD Deck Lite
    Maximum: 6,900 Sheets (w/Paper Deck Unit Option)
    OUTPUT PAPER CAPACITY (20LB BOND)4,000 Sheets (w/Staple Finisher or Booklet Finisher)
    OUTPUT PAPER SIZESDrawers: Letter
    Cassettes: 13" x 19", 12-5/8" x 17-11/16", 12" x 18", 11" x 17", Legal, Letter, Letter-R, Executive, Statement-R, Custom Size (5-1/2" x 7-1/8" to 13" x 19-1/4")
    Bypass: 13" x 19", 12-5/8" x 17-11/16", 12" x 18", 11" x 17", Legal, Letter, Letter-R, Executive, Statement-R, Envelopes, Custom Size (4" x 5-7/8" to 13" x 19-1/4")
    ACCEPTABLE PAPER WEIGHTSDrawers/ Cassettes: 14 lb. Bond to 80 lb. Cover (52 to 220g/m2 ) Bypass: 14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover (52 to 300g/m2 )
    DUPLEXINGPaper Size: Standard Automatic Trayless Duplexing (Up to 13" x 19")
    Paper Weights:14 lb. Bond to 80 lb. Cover (52 to 220g/m2 )
    MEDIA SUPPORTThin [14 lb. Bond to 16 lb. Bond (52 to 63g/m2 )], Plain 1 [17 lb. Bond to 21 lb. Bond (64 to 81g/m2 )], Plain 2 [22 lb. Bond to 28 lb. Bond (82 to 105g/m2 )], Heavy 1 [29 lb. Bond to 40 lb. Bond (106 to 150g/m2 )], Heavy 2 [56 lb. Cover to 80 lb. Cover (151 to 220g/m2 )], Heavy 3 [82 lb. Cover to 140 lb. Index (221 to 256g/m2 )], Heavy 4 [140 lb. Index to 110 lb. Cover (257 to 300g/m2 )], Color, Recycled, Pre-Punched, Transparency, Tracing, Labels, Bond, Letterhead, Tab, Textured, Coated, Envelopes
    WARM-UP TIMEFrom Power On: 31 Seconds or Less
    From Sleep Mode: 30 Seconds or Less
    Quick Startup Mode: 7 Seconds*
    Sleep Mode: 0.9W or Less
    DIMENSIONS (W X D X H)Without the Upright Control Panel: 48-1/8" x 27-1/8" x 36-3/4" (1221mm x 689mm x 932mm)

    With the Upright Control Panel (To the right edge of the Upright Control Panel in the right-most position): 55-1/4" x 46-1/2" x 36-3/4" (1403mm x 1180mm x 932mm)
    INSTALLATION SPACE (WXD)52-7/8" x 36-3/4" (1344mm x 932mm)
    WEIGHTApprox. 604 lb. (274kg)**
    SCAN RESOLUTIONUp to 600 x 600 dpi
    ACCEPTABLE ORIGINALS (GLASS)Sheet, Book, 3-Dimensional Objects [Up to 4.4 lb. (2kg)]
    MAXIMUM ORIGINAL SIZEUp to 11" x 17"
    SCAN METHODSingle-Pass Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder
    ACCEPTABLE ORIGINALSPaper Sizes: 11" x 17", Legal, Letter, Letter-R, Statement, Statement-R

    Paper Weights:
    1-sided scanning: 13 lb. Bond to 80 lb. Cover (50 to 220g/m2 )
    2-sided scanning (Black-and-white original): 13 lb. Bond to 80 lb. Cover (50 to 220g/m2 )
    2-sided scanning (Color original): 17 lb. Bond to 80 lb. Cover (64 to 220g/m2 )
    SCAN SPEED (BW and Color; Letter)Simplex: Up to 120/120 ipm (300 dpi) Up to 120/70 ipm (600 dpi) Duplex: Up to 200/140 ipm (300 dpi) Up to 120/70 ipm (600 dpi)
    PAPER CAPACITY (20lB. BOND)300 Sheets
    FIRST-COPY-OUT TIME (LETTER)BW: 4.9 Seconds or Less
    Color: 6.6 Seconds or Less
    MULTIPLE COPIES1to 9,999
    COPY EXPOSUREAutomatic or Manual (9 Levels)
    MAGNIFICATION25% - 400% (1% Increments)
    PRESET REDUCTIONS25%, 50%, 64%, 73%, 78%
    PRESET ENLARGEMENTS121%, 129%, 200%, 400%
    BASIC COPY FEATURESPreset R/E Ratios by Area, Finishing, Two-Sided, Exposure Adjustment, Original Type Selection, Interrupt Mode, Sample Set, Setting Confirmation/Cancel, Standard Keys, Reset, Guide Display, Job Duration Display, Reserved Copying
    SPECIAL COPY FEATURESTwo-page Separation, Cover/Sheet Insertion, Booklet, Transparency Interleaving, Shift, Margin, Frame Erase, Image Combination, Different-size Original, Job Build, Job Done Notice, Scan Image Check, Mode Memory, Recall, Negative/ Positive Inversion, Image Repeat, Mirror Image, Sharpness, Tab Paper Creation, Form Composition, Secure Watermark, Page Numbering, Copy Set Numbering, Watermark and Date, Job Block Combination, Store in User Inbox
    PROCESSORCanon Dual Custom Processor (Shared)
    MEMORYStandard: 2GB RAM
    Maximum: 2.5GB RAM
    HARD DISK DRIVEStandard: 160GB
    Maximum: 1TB
    ENGINE RESOLUTION1200 x 1200 dpi
    Optional: PCL 5c/6, Adobe PS 3
    PRINT DRIVER SUPPORTED OSUFR II, PCL 5c/6, Adobe PS 3: Windows® (XP/Windows Vista®/7/8), Windows Server (2003/ 2008/2008 R2/SBS 2011/2012), Windows Terminal Servers (Server 2003/Server 2008/Server 2008 R2/2012), Microsoft® Clustering Server (Server 2003/Server 2003 R2/Server 2008/ Server 2008 R2), Citrix (Presentation Server 4.5, Xen App 5.0/ 6.0/6.5, Xen Desktop 4.0/5.0/5.5/5.6), Macintosh® (OS X 10.5.8 or later, UFR II and PS 3 only), VMware, SAP (PS and PCL Only)
    Optional: PDF, EPS,*** XPS†
    PRINT FEATURESSuspend Job Timeout, Subset Finishing (PS only), Profile Settings, Secure Print, Watermark, Page Border, Header/Footer, Page Layout, Two-sided Printing, Collating, Booklet Printing, Grouping, Mixed Paper Sizes/Orientations, Offsetting, Printing on Transparencies, Front/Back Covers, Black-and-White Printing, Objective, Color/Black-and-White Auto Detect, Toner Reduction, Poster Printing
    NETWORK SCAN UTILITYColor Network ScanGear
    SENDING METHODE-mail, I-Fax, File Server (FTP, SMB, WebDAV), Mail Box, Super G3 Fax (Optional)
    COLOR MODEAuto Color Select (Color, Gray), Auto Color Select (Color, Black), Full Color, Grayscale, BW
    SCAN RESOLUTION600 x 600 dpi, 400 x 400 dpi, 300 x 300 dpi, 200 x 400 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi, 200 x 100 dpi, 150 x 150 dpi, 100 x 100 dpi
    ADDRESS BOOK CAPACITYMax. 1,800 Destinations (Incl. 200 One-Touch Buttons)
    E-mail/I-Fax: SMTP, POP3, I-Fax (Simple, Full)
    FILE FORMATStandard: TIFF, JPEG, PDF, PDF (Compact), PDF (Searchable), PDF (Apply Policy), PDF (Optimize for Web), PDF/XPS (OCR), PDF/A-1b, XPS, XPS (Compact), OOXML (.pptx and .docx) Optional: PDF (Trace & Smooth), PDF (Encrypted), PDF/XPS (Digital Signature), PDF (Reader Extensions)
    I-FAX DATA FORMAT (BW and COLOR)Color: .tfx (JPEG)
    BW: .tif (MH, MR, MMR)
    UNIVERSAL SEND FEATURESTwo-sided Original, Different-size Originals, Original Type Selection, Book to Two Pages, Density Adjustment, Sharpness, Document Name, Copy Ratio, Erase Frame, Job Build, Delayed Send, Preview, Finished Stamp, Job Done Notice, File Name, Subject/Message, Reply-to, Sender's Name (TTI), E-mail Priority
    MODEM SPEEDSuper G3: 33.6 Kbps
    G3: 14.4 Kbps
    RESOLUTION400 x 400 dpi, 200 x 400 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi, 200 x 100 dpi
    SENDING / RECORDING SIZEStatement-R to 11" x 17"
    FAX FEATURESJob Forwarding, Different-size Originals, Adjusting Overall Density for Scanning, Sharpness, Copy Ratio, Erase Frame, Job Build, Specifying the Sender's Name (when sending fax), Selecting the Telephone Line (when sending fax), Delayed Send, Preview, Finished Stamp, Job Done Notice, Original Type Selection, Two-sided Original, Book to Two Pages
    MAIL BOX (NUMBER SUPPORTED)100 User Inboxes, 1 Memory RX Inbox, 50 Confidential Fax Inboxes
    6,000 Maximum Pages Stored
    ADVANCED BOXAvailable Disk Space: Approx. 15GB (Standard HDD) Approx. 629GB (1TB HDD)
    Communication Protocol: SMB or WebDAV
    Supported Client PC: Windows (Windows 2000/XP/7/8/Windows Vista)
    Concurrent Connections (Max.): SMB: 32, WebDAV: 12 (Active Sessions)
    Advanced Box Features: Disabling Advanced Box, Storage Filtering, Authentication for Advanced Box Log-in, Search Function, Sort Function, Printing a PDF File with a Password, imageWARE Secure Audit Manager Support
    MEMORY MEDIAStandard: USB Memory
    Optional: SD, SDHC, CompactFlash, Memory Stick, Microdrive
    STANDARDDepartment ID Management, Single Sign-On H, Access Management System (Device and Function Level Log-in), Secure Print, Trusted Platform Module, User Access Control of Advanced Box, Mail Box Password Protection, IPv6, Restricting Features (Restricting the Send Function, Restricting New Addresses on Address Book), SSL Encrypted Communication, SNMPv1/v3, MAC/IP Address Filtering, SMTP Authentication, POP Authentication before SMTP, HDD Erase (Up to 3x), HDD Initialize (Up to 9x), HDD Lock, IPsec, Adobe LiveCycle® Rights Management ES2.5 Integration
    OPTIONALRemovable HDD, HDD Encryption, HDD Mirroring, Encrypted Secure Print, Encrypted PDF, Document Scan Lock, Secure Watermark, IEEE 2600.1 Common Criteria Certification††
    ENERGY STAR Qualified
    EPEAT Gold
    EU RoHS Compliant
    Blue Angel
    WEEE Directive
    TONER YIELD (ESTIMATED @ 5% COVERAGE)Black: 80,000 Copies / Bottle
    Color (C,M,Y): 52,000 Copies / Bottle