Make the Look as Great as the Breer!

Does your product stand out in a crowded beer market
July 2, 2021 by
Make the Look as Great as the Breer!

How does a brewery stand out in this crowded beer market? In addition to great beer, many breweries use the product label to set their product apart. And many companies are now producing those labels themselves.


The Labels You Want When You Need Them

Home Brewing Company is a new San Diego brewery that produces small batches of seasonal beers to keep their dedicated crowd of home brew enthusiasts “drinking at Home.” Launching new, seasonal craft beers is a unique way Home Brewing  promotes new beer flavors and stays true to their tasting room roots. See it in action now!

Because these seasonal beers are produced in small batches, the brewery only needs a small quantity of labels to make the beer – and the promotion – successful.

While they might only need a small quantity of labels, working with a third-party label supplier meant they would have to buy more labels than they would actually use. That’s because of minimum order quantities required by the label providers. So if the company only needed 480 labels, the label provider still required them to order 1,500 labels just to take the order.

What’s more, the long lead-times needed for these label orders constrained beer ingredient flexibility and seasonal brand promotional opportunities.


A Better Way to Label

When their label provider dropped the ball just one week before the canning date, Home Brewing decided to use Memjet technology for three new label designs.

By printing its beer-can labels in-house, Home Brewing realized a cost savings of $615 per month and avoided wasting over 3,000 labels by printing the exact quantity of labels they need when they needed them.

Make the Look as Great as the Breer!
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