Waterproof Color Label Printing

Waterproof Labels

(Recommended for craft breweries) 

Ready to ramp up your waterproof label printing to reflect your product's Quality? One choice is to order preprinted labels, however is becomes expensive with excess waste and reduced flexibility should your needs change due to regulations or brand design updates. 

What has become very popular and inexpensive is in house on-demand label printing technology.  Here are some label printers our clients print with Epson ColorWorks C6500 series label printers. 

These waterproof Silver BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) labels feature a geometric background pattern that changes on each and every label.  VIPColor also has water resistant labels making technology with the VIPColor VP660 suitable for chilled food & beverages, animal care, chemicals, cleaning products and most moisture exposed products.  Each customer that produces these labels now has a truly unique label brand reflecting their best in call products.

GHS Labels for Chemicals

To get a label to be waterproof, it would need to be printed on a synthetic material (polyester, vinyl, polypropylene). It would also have to be printed utilizing a durable printing technologies. Laser, UV, and a few pigment dye printing are the best options. If you are likely to be using inkjet or flexographic printing, you would have to laminate your label to protect it from smearing the print. GHS stands for the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals and is a global system used to label chemical substances for transport. If you are shipping chemicals such as fragrances or cleaning supplies, you want to make sure your labels are GHS compliance.

Epson ColorWorks GHS Label Printing

The labels will also need pictographs, product identifiers, signal words, hazard statements and precautionary statements about the chemicals being transported. It must also use a strong adhesive that won't wear down over a long period of time even in environments with high heat, considerable humidity, a risk of corrosion or other potential issues. Epson ColorWork's DURABrite Ultra ink on synthetic media provide bold text colorful graphics, it's  inkjet solution has met the tough BS5 609 standards including section 2 and section 3, offering strong resistance to wide range of chemicals such as alcohol, oil and acetone. 


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