Shipping Benifits with Printed Color Label

5 Reasons Every Business Needs One

1.  Huge Time Saver

Before purchasing a Color Label Printer, most people, we were using standard inkjet printer to print shipping labels. While this is still more efficient than standing in line at the post office, it was taking a lot of time to print.  First, you have to wait for it to print. Then cut the label out, and finally tape the label to the package. Now, with high resolution Color Label Printer Technology, each label prints out fast, with increased layout options and Accessory Peelers, applying labels is simple

2.  Label Branding Opportunity

Communicating your company's unique private Brand Identity has never been easier and offered such low cost effectiveness with On Demand Color Label Printing.  Add a message to customers; offer a 10% discount on next order is a great building Brand Loyalty Strategy to help develop the flow of repeat customer purchases.

Color Printed Shipping LabelsDon't just send a package....send a message and get them thinking about the next purchase

3.  Super Low Operating Costs

We all realize printer inks can be expensive! When you're buying ink every couple of weeks, the costs really add up.  Now with newer print head technology the cost of inks are a fraction of what they once were.  Even more, when customers sign-up for Best Label Printers TLC Discount Program additional savings can be received over the lifetime of your Label Printing needs. 

4.  Weatherproof & Durable

Another really nice thing about thermal labels and new inkjet technology is that they are weatherproof. Since they're made to be durable, there is no need to worry about the labels getting smudged or smeared if it gets wet.  Ols processes required taping over each label to completely cover it (it took 3 pieces of tape) so that the paper wouldn't get wet.

5. It Looks More Professional

When our customers receive their item, it looks like anything else they might receive when purchasing online.  Gone are the days of trying to cut the label out in a straight line (that ends up usually still looking crooked). Gone are the days of all the extra tape. Now we have a simple, clean looking package that shows our customers that we care.

Ready to save money with in-house on-Demand Color Label Printer technology?   Best Label Printer can be your guide, our consultants are trained on the latest models and editing software  Contact us today .