Definition of MATRIX Label Printing

This Industry Term has two definitions:

Definition of MATRIX:

This entry has two definitions:

Definition 1:

A term used to describe the arrangement of elements into a rectangular grid of columns and rows. In label printing, a matrix may be used in both the design and printing of an image; the image is represented by a rectangular grid of points of colour (bitmap image), which are then recreated on the substrate.

Definition 2:

In label production, this term refers to any surrounding areas of face material and adhesive that are created when labels are kiss cut using a die. These areas are not used and are either removed during the manufacturing process or left in place on the backing sheet. The matrix is most commonly left in place when manufacturing blank sheet labels that will be sent on to a printer or sold to an end user for printing. This means that if there are any issues with adhesive bleed or bleed, the matrix is in place to prevent adhesive or inks from spreading within a printer or across the layers of the labels themselves.

Also Known As: Ladder, Skeleton, Waste