Troubleshooting Media Loading & Feeding

ColorWorks Series

Epson Colorworks

Label printers can be complex for many consumers, and as such, it might seem a bit intimidating to approach fixing the printer if it starts having issues. Luckily, once you gain a better understanding of your label printer, you’ll be able to solve any potential problems. Learn more in this guide, as we look at the most common printer problems and how to fix them.

It Won’t Load The Material
When the user inserts the label material, the printer should grab it automatically once it gets past the sensors. Your printer failing to grab the material is another common printer problem. First, try removing the material and close the doors. Then, reboot the printer and try to load the material again — this should do the trick. However, keep in mind that the printer is programmed to recognize the front edge of the label material; sometimes, the label material has a wax liner that needs to be trimmed so the printer can properly sense the material rather than the liner gap that is visible between labels. Watch the Video for more Tips & Tricks