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Memjet OEM partner VIPColor is redefining affordable label printing. The company recently announced a new breed of desktop label printer that produces labels at exceptional quality and fast speeds but costs under US$4,000. This new printer makes it easier — and more cost-effective — than ever for manufacturers of all sizes to produce their labels.

The Move to Manufacturer-Produced Labels

Consumers want a product experience that targets their interests and creates a connection with the brands they buy. As brands seek to make that connection, the label has become an extension of the brand.

That means that manufacturers must balance creating labels that delight and engage consumers with the need to be efficient and cost-effective in the business’s timing, cost, and quantity requirements.

To achieve that balance, manufacturers increasingly use on-demand, inkjet-powered solutions to integrate label production into their operations.

“Many of our first-time buyers report that printing their product labels in-house gave them complete control of their labeling process and shielded them from supply-chain disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Edward Ng, Global Sales and Marketing Director for VIPColor Technologies. “The customers that switched to digital printing have benefited in streamlined production, inventory identification improvement, and product sorting efficiency.”

VIPColor – Leading the Way on Affordable Labels

For years, Memjet OEM partner VIPColor has been committed to developing label printing solutions that support manufacturers’ label production. Last week, the company took a giant step forward in that mission.

The company introduced four new color label printers that provide a new level of affordability and quality: the VP500, VP550, VP610, and VP660. This range of printers helps small and medium-sized businesses to respond to the dynamic demand of today’s market.

The VP500 and VP550 models can print up to 8 inches/second (>1,000 6×4″ labels in 10 min) and achieve rich-color high fidelity prints at 1600 x 1600 dpi.

“VP500 series is the best solution for first-time buyers of digital label printing solutions and those who are upgrading from thermal printers,” said Ng. “This series is six times more productive than similar printers in the sub-US$4,000 price range, while still being more user friendly than other solutions in its class.”

Like all VIPColor printers, the VP500 series can print labels up to 8.5″ wide, giving users the flexibility to print large labels for large items such as storage drums and shipping boxes. Moreover, the VP550 has enhanced eco-friendly water-resistant dye inks that make it suitable for product labels in chilled, refrigerated, and dense-moisture applications such as frozen food.

The brand new VP610 and VP660 replace the current VP600 and VP650 desktop label printers. These new models are supercharged with a print speed of up to 12 inches/second and have sizeable 250ml ink cartridges. Users also benefit from lower cost-per-print compared to the earlier models.

The VP600 series, lauded by the market for their exceptional price-performance when they were first launched, is ideal for medium-sized companies and enterprises scaling up their production or needing the extra speed boost to handle dynamic or spontaneous peak label demand.

The Inkjet Technology That Powers Results

Memjet’s VersaPass® technology powers this new breed of printing solutions. Combining ease of integration with the highest quality digital inkjet printing technology in the world, VersaPass gives OEMs in all markets an affordable, flexible path to meeting customer demands.

“Memjet technology is helping OEMs like VIPColor create powerful solutions that support manufacturers’ desire to move label production in-house,” says Kim Beswick, general manager at Memjet. “Producing their own labels gives these manufacturers much greater flexibility than ordering from a supplier. They can produce the exact quantity of labels needed while controlling the costs of label storage and scrapping unused labels.”

VIPColor October 23, 2021
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