bottlemate-712m manual bottle label applicator

BOTTLEMATE-712M Manual Bottle Label Applicator

Manual Bottle Label Applicator, 7" wide. 1 label per bottle.
• Max. Label Width: 7” (178mm)
• Labels per Bottle: 1
• Max. Bottle Diameter: 10” (254mm)
• Min. Bottle Diameter: 0.3” (7.5mm)
• Label Type: Opaque & Transparent, with gaps in between
• Max. Label Roll Diameter: 12” (305mm)
• Warranty: 3-Year Parts & Labor Limited Warranty
Manually apply labels to bottles and other
cylindrical objects with a turn of the handle

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    Manual Bottle Labeler efficiently applies labels to bottles, cans, jars and other cylindrical items.


    Consistently and accurately apply labels in the same location

    Label up to 1,000 bottles per hour

    No tools required to adjust for different label sizes.

    Max. Label Width: 7” (178-mm)

    Max. Bottle Diameter: 10” (255-mm)

    Min. Bottle Diameter: 0.3” (7.5-mm)

    Label Roll Core Diam. > 0.5” (12-mm)

    Weight: 26 lbs. (11.8-kg)

    Full 3-Year Parts & Labor Limited Warranty


    This Bottle Label Applicator applies labels to cylindrical containers by manually turning a handle on the right side of the machine. Turning the handle spins the container and applies the label. The adjustable label indicator bar on the top of the machine indicates when a label has been fully applied. Once a rhythm is established, containers can be labeled at speeds of up to 1,000 pcs per hour.